With the series of paintings "The Sweet Robbery", I explore a widely used marketing strategy to give cute shapes and add colorings to all sorts of substances to increase sales, stimulate consumerism. Fake promise of pleasure and happiness is "a sweet robbery". I wish to attract attention to potential risks for the health and environment while searching for joy from external sources whereas its all inside and people already possess it by default.

VITAMINS. Mental health
"Shiny colorful pills, like tempting candies, promise happiness. But I don't enjoy life. I don't have energy. I am unhappy and I can't paint. A doctor prescribed vitamins to restore my mental health..."

Why do we feel miserable?
How can we become happy?
What does happiness mean?

The line between mental health and illness is very subtle. People search for happiness and harmony, relying on external resources: medicines, consumerism, adrenaline entertainment, business, etc. Does this lead to happiness, harmony, mental well- being?

"Identities" series is an exciting new project currently in development. The exploration of personal identity or multiple identities has become a prominent trend in today's society. Understanding oneself proves to be a more challenging task than understanding others, often triggering feelings of fear and rejection. It can also involve encounters with different facets of one's personality.

This project is intricately intertwined with the practice of coaching. I have garnered extensive methodological expertise in assisting individuals in comprehensing their strengths, weaknesses, hidden desires, and untapped potential.

Embarking on the journey of self-discovery is a lifelong endeavor. As Sartre once postulated, a person defines their essence through their actions and choices.

In the series "Identities," I delve into my own introspective journey. For me, it is an intimidating and uncharted path. Throughout the series, I predominantly explore various female identities and romantic fantasies, a theme I have explored earlier.

BIG JOURNEY. Inside myself
2018 – 2019
"BIG JOURNEY. Inside myself" was created in Spain.Behind each painting of this series is a true story that was told me by my friends, models or even during small talks in a bar. It is all about feelings, emotions or even intimate experiences expressed in my personal decorative style on canvas and silk. Tiny bits that don't fit together from the first sight symbolize thoughts and feelings that require harmony, acceptance and understanding.

Woman is not a toy
«Woman is not a toy» was painted for Christmas Art Fair in Berlin in 2018. All my models for this series were striptease dancers. Candid poses turned into numerous sketches and only then became ornaments of traditional Russian toys (Filimonov toy, Gzhel, etc).

I painted all of them on 100% silk fabric.

7 artworks of this series were exhibited in Berlin.

Les femmes
2018 – 2019
I created «Les Femmes» in Sanary-Sur-Mer (France) in 10 Days . The project was initiated by KvartiraS gallery.

This series was inspired by numerous bright boats in the port of Sanary-Sur-Mer, its atmosphere and beautiful ladies in nice cozy cafes on the promenade. My sketches early in the morning and late at night, references made in the beach and famous Sunday market, small talks with people turned into 8 big artworks. They are all about women made in my favorite personal technic: bright ornaments mixed with lines, inspired by fantastic atmosphere of a small coastal town in the south of France.

Looking at this paintings you can feel warm French Riviera.

Spring – summer 2020
I created a big series of highly positive round paintings during challenging pandemic times while everyone was locked down. The idea of this series appeared as a house mood board which consisted of various round paintings, which reflected the mood the client wanted to have in his life. When this art mood board for the client was finished I realized that I want to support people with color, happiness and ease. Here I show several of more then 30 paintings from s/s 2020 series as a contrast to challenging quickly changing times.
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