Natasha Onufrieva
Since my early childhood I was fond of drawing and painting and developed my skills at an art college, and later in a Higher School of Art, as well as in several professional classes of watercolor, hyperrealism, and abstract art.

Due to my professional knowledge in marketing, I became a creator of various business projects, always strongly connected with art. I wanted people to not only see art, but to smell and to feel it. So, I organized my own perfume atelier in the South of France and created several women's fashion collections in silk and cotton with my prints.

Today I live in Spain and devote myself entirely to painting. I work with oil, acrylic and digital drawings. My personal style has been influenced by the poster tradition and is close to graphic manners. For a while the main subject of my investigation was a world of women, their feelings, experiences, rights, inequality, and opportunities. Recently social and mental health became the main theme of my professional research. I am strongly convinced that the mental health of each individual affects society and that my mission as an artist is to visualize the importance of this topic. In a new series of works, I explore body identity and raise the issue of internal and external, physical and mental boundaries.

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