Natasha Onufrieva
I've been in art all my life. Art school, art college, private courses of hyperrealism, watercolor, abstract art. Later academic art studies in The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. However, for a long time I didn't perceive painting as my profession. I was just painting non- stop, doing other "serious jobs".

In 2000 I created and organized series of events for Miller Genuine Draft "Miller nights" and got awards for that both in Moscow and Miami. It was real art PERFORMANCE.

Studying in Grasse Instiute of Perfumery, I organized private perfume atelier in cote d'Azur where created private fragrances that bring people back to memorable happy moments in their lives. That was real ACTIONISM. I wanted people SMELL, SEE and FEEL art, so I created several fashion collections with my prints and design all made in silk.

Today I devote myself entirely to painting. I sell my artworks and make prints to order. I am sure that art should live in homes, it should be worn and seen by many people.

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